Department of Nursing




Name Position Research Field Education Tel&Mail
Hwu, Yueh-Juen Professor Long-term care, Chronic illness care Adult Health Nursing Social & Health Science. Ulster University. United Kingdom 04-22397176
Chen, Shu-Wen Associate Professor health promotion, community health Ph.D,Kaohsiung MEDICAL University College of nursing 04-22391647#7384
Chiang,Hung-Yuan Associate Professor The Book of Changes,Chinese National Chung Hsing University 04-22391647#6344
Chung, Shu-Ying Associate Professor Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Nursing Department of Food and Nutrition, Providence University, Taiwan, R.O.C. 04-22391647#7305
Chung, Yueh-Chin Associate Professor Education, Community health nursing, School Health nursing Institute of Medicine,Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan. 04-22391647#7304
Dai, Chin-Ying Associate Professor stroke, caregiver, qualityof life School of Nursing, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan(R.O.C) 04-22391647#7371
Huang,Hsin-Shu Associate Professor Community Mental Health and Adaptation/Behavior Modification/Education/Evidential Reserch Ph.D. of Department of Special Education of National Changhua University of Education 04-22391647#7342
Lee, Ya-Ling Associate Professor Pediatric nursing, Childhood cancer, PTSS, Uncertainty School of Nursing, Yale University, USA 04-22391647#7300
Lin, Mei-Ling Associate Professor Adult Health Nursing , special education Special Education..NATIONAL CHANGHUA UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION 04-22391647#7303
Lin, Yi-Chen Associate Professor Elderly care, community care Ph.D, La Trobe University 04-22391647#6252
Lin,Li-Feng Associate Professor Epidemiological Survey; Health Education and Health Promotion; Community Health; School Health Doctor of Education, Graduate Institute of Health Education, National Taiwan Normal University 04-22391647#6500
Lin,Yi-Ching Associate Professor Life Concerns,Applied Chinese,Literature and Life Department of Language and Literacy Education.National Taichung University of Education,Taiwan (R.O.C.)  04-22391647#6340
Liu, Wen-Miao Associate Professor Older Adults Health, Long-term Care, PhD. University of Texas at Austin. USA. 04-22391647#7374
Yang, Shu-Chen Associate Professor Maternity Nursing, Women Health Institute of Allied Health Sciences, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 04-22391647#7313
Chan, Shiuh-Chuan Assistant Professor Phytochemistry, Pharmacoclogy Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chinese Medical University, Taiwan 04-22391647#3972, 8020
Chang, Hua-Pin Assistant Professor Pediatric Nursing, neonatal critical care nursing, women health Institute of Medicine of Chung Shan Medical University 04-22391647#7337
Chen, Wei-Lu Assistant Professor diabetes, physiology, intracellular signal transduction Graduate Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology Medical Siences. Taipei Medical University. Taiwan. 04-22391647#3977
Chiang, Ching-Kuei Assistant Professor Nursing Education, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Action Research Doctor of Philosophy, Queensland University of Technology, Australia 04-22391647#7391
Ching, Yung-Chieh Assistant Professor Service user involvement; mental health service; Qualitative Research The Centre for Health & Social Care Research, Faculty of Health & Well-being, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom 04-22391647#7386
Chiu, Tzu-I Assistant Professor Alternative Therapy, Health Promotion Nursing, SUNY-Binghtamton, United States 04-22391647#6957
Ho, Yen-Ju Assistant Professor Quatitative Research, Women Health Family and Community Health Nursing, Virginia Commonwealth University, United States of America 04-22391647#7363
Huang,Liang - Guei Assistant Professor Women health Social Science. National Sun Yat-Sen University.Taiwan 04-22394046
Huang,Shih-Tzu Assistant Professor Music , pain, complementary intervention Case Western Reserve University 04-22391647#7350
Lee, Hsien-Ming Assistant Professor Bacterial Genetic, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Agricultural Biotechnology. National Chung Hsing University. Republic of China 04-22391647#3910
Lin, Chi-Te Assistant Professor Neuroscience, Neuropathic pain Ph.D., National Taiwan University 04-22391647#6606
Lin, Kuan-Yu Assistant Professor Basic Medicine、Medical-Surgical Nursing Chung Shan Medical University, Institute of Medicine,phD 04-22391647#7381
Liu, Hsin-Li Assistant Professor women health, oral health, systematic review Nursing, University of Dubuque, United States of America 04-22391647#7306
Tsai, Shu-Chuan Assistant Professor Aquatic toxicology ,molecular biology, comparative physiology Institue of zoology, NTU 04-22391647#3930
Tseng, Kai-Yu Assistant Professor Psychology of Chronic Illness, Evidence-Based Nursing Adult Health Nursing Social & Health Science. Ulster University, United Kingdom 04-22391647#7364
TUNG,Yi-Chen Assistant Professor Quantitative research, Medical Nursing Doctor of philosophy. Griffith University. Australia 04-22391647#7377
Wu, Chia-Jung Assistant Professor infection control precautions, nursing education, Adult nursing care Philosophy of nursing, Queensland University of Science and Technology, Australia 04-22391647 # 7340
Yang, Bai-Neng Assistant Professor Pediatric care, maternal and child care, Health, Community and Education Studies, Northumbria University, UK 04-22391647#7357
Yu, Chin-Ching Assistant Professor Emergency Nursing and Critical Care Nursing ; Nursing Education; Dialysis Nursing Ph.D in Education.National Changhua University of Education 04-22391647#7370
Chen, Shu-Jen Assistant Professor Mental Health Nursing, Self-awareness, Therapeutic Use of Self, Application of Expressive Art Doctor of Philosophy, Cardiff University, United Kingdom 04-22391647#7344
Chang, Shu-Chang Instructor Quality of life,Chronic hepatitis PHD 04-22391647#7308
Chen, Huei-Ling Instructor long term care Adult Nursing Medical College of Georgia USA 04-22391647#7372
Chen,Wei Instructor medical &surgical nursing Master of Science. University of Ulster . United Kingdom 04-22391647*7362
Chiu, Mei-Ling Instructor Nurse Stress/ Alternative care Adult Health Nursing Social & Health Science. Ulster University. United Kingdom 04-22391647#7310
Chiu,Shu-Ching Instructor nursing, public health Chang Gung University,master degree 04-22391647#7360
Chiu,Shu-Lin Instructor Basic Nursing;Introduction To Nursing Master of Business Administration. Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology 0935926998
Ho,YI-JU Instructor Life and Death Care and Life Education Department Life and Death,Nanhua University 04-22391647#7301
Hsiao, Hui-Ling Instructor Neonatal and Pediatrics nursing Meonatal and Pediatric Nursing. Ulster University. United Kingdom 04-22391647#7356
Huang, Wei-hui Instructor Adult health Nursing, Health promotion Adult Health Nursing, Taipei Medical University. 04-22391647-7343
Huang,Yu-Wen Instructor Operative Room Nursing,Urological Nursing,Medical-surgical Nursing MS,Medical-surgical Nursing,National Taiwan University. 04-22391647#7375
Lin,Yin-Chi Instructor Medical-Surgical Nursing; Hospice Palliative Care School of Health Science. Ulster University. United Kingdom 04-22391647#7352
Pai,Lee-Wen Instructor Evidenced-Based Nursing,diabetes PhD candidate, Department of Public Health, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan 04-22391647#7358