Department of Nursing


International Conferences held by Department of Nursing, College of Nursing

  • 2017 9th International Academic Conference 2017“Global Health Issues & Wound Care
  • 2016 8th International Academic Conference 2016“Global Health Issues & Nursing Manpower.”
  • 2015 7th  International Academic Conference 2015Interdisciplinary Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety International Conference
  • 2014 6th International Academic Conference: End-of-Life Nursing Education- palliative education in children
  • 2013 5th International Academic Conference-A Journey of Searching Meaning in Caregiving-Interdisciplinary Viewpoints
  • 2011 3rd International Academic Conference: Disaster Management and Care-Inheriting Experience and Looking to the Future
  • 2010 2nd International Academic Conference-Focus and Cross culture and interdisciplinary Healthcare
  • 2009 1st The International Conference on Community-Oriented Healthcare